BRC Asia Equity Research Report

Hello! Apart from being interested in the venture capital ecosystem, I’m really into the equity research/financial modelling domain and I’m constantly trying to improve on my analytical skills. Besides, I love checking out the financial markets in the equities asset class — where I’ll be investing my money in them :)

In this publication, I will be releasing my first every equity research report! However, I do understand that there are some things that can help me to tie up loose ends such as

  1. Football valuation chart

Admittedly, I am not proficient in areas 1 and 2 as of now but rest assured, I will be adding all the points that I have addressed above in my subsequent reports. I have already done my far share of reading/learning and I cant wait to apply my newly found skills in new reports to come!

With that being said, here is to the new venture of mine- FINgineers. This initiative is for myself, a mechanical engineer, to share what I know about finance and of course, to have hearty discussions over different stocks.

Till I release my next full report(this time including the segments that I have left out), do enjoy my first ever equity research report!!

Also, I will like to thank my close friend Benjamin, that was part of this learning journey with me and I do hope that we have gained some form of skill/knowledge from this project!

BRC Asia Equity Research Report



I write about venture capital, equity research, and data analysis.

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